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We Help People Connect Through Their Differences

The Power of Our Process


The power of RelationshipsFirst™ lies in our revolutionary interactive program, Safe Conversations. Safe Conversations is a new way of talking that makes it safe for everyone to connect through difference. Using a three-step process Safe Conversations teaches you to grow and become more present in your relationships.

The Safe Conversations process has three parts:


Repeating back what your partner said, so their feelings are heard


Seeing your partner’s perspective from their point of view without surrendering your own


Imagining the feelings your partner had while they were sending their message

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Safe Conversations Works In All Relationships

Safe Conversations is spreading across Dallas with products and workshops for adults, kids, teens and with special programs for Classrooms, First Responders and Veterans.

United Way


St. Joseph's

The Potter's House

2016 SC360



2017 SC360

Muslim Community

Kids' Workshops

Cathedral of Hope

Cristo Rey

Grayson County

First Responders

Community Partners

Our Community Partners

RelationshipsFirst™ is able to have a profound impact on society at large by creating partnerships with community organizations, places of work, places or worship and schools. We also have successful partnerships with First Responders, Veterans and Schools to provide Safe Conversations training for their constituents and their families. 

With the support and commitment of these partners, members participate in workshops and are supported through integrated sustainability.