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The Impact of Our Movement

Step by step. Conversation by conversation.

One valued relationship at a time, RelationshipsFirst™ is working to build stronger families, classrooms and communities. Individuals that have participated in The Safe Conversations Workshop have reported decreased anxiety and increased relational satisfaction.

Workshop participants describe the event as:


said it was inspiring and life changing


would recommend to a friend


called it powerful and transformational


said they had gained new tools to help them understand their partner


would participate the workshop again


wanted additional safe conversations experiences and products

Our 2016 Impact

6,640 hours of advocates’ time, talents and service were given to Safe Conversations, resulting in an estimated value of $166,730 of value to the Safe Conversations community.

28 Workshops

1,200 Teens & Kids Participants

14,305 People Served via Streaming Broadcast

36 Training Days

142 Trained Leaders

6,600 Facebook Followers

5,500 Adult Participants

120 Practice Coaches

80 Volunteers

RelationshipsFirst™ and Southern Methodist University

RelationshipsFirst™ commissioned SMU Center of Research and Evaluation:  Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development to conduct a rigorous outcomes study of the Safe Conversations workshops held in 2015 and 2016.

After the workshop and six weeks later, couples’ relationships characteristics were described as:

better overall relationship wellbeing

improved togetherness

less fighting

more family wellbeing

greater happiness

Couples’ personal characteristics were described as:

more positive emotional expressions

increased confidence

decrease in anxiety

decreased feelings of inadequacy

greater happiness

Couples family wellbeing was characterized by:

increased overall family wellbeing

greater happiness in their roles as parents

decreased parenting stress

decreased family conflict

2017 Executive Summary

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