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Join the Next Generation of Relational Leaders

The RelationshipsFirstâ„¢ Leader Training Program

Join the thousands of Safe Conversations Workshop Leaders bringing the work of Harville and Helen, to communities across the globe.

Who are our Leaders?

Our Leaders are a neighbor, friend or colleague, teacher or religious leader. Anyone who has experienced the power of Safe Conversations and is passionate about building stronger connections in their community or workplace.

What does a Leader do?

Leaders are trained to facilitate workshops and practice groups in their home setting, equipped in diverse formats to meet the needs of their culture and environment.

“Being a Leader of the Safe Conversations workshop has been the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done. There is no greater privilege than helping two people connect more fully and love more deeply. When you see them truly connecting, perhaps for the first time ever, with happy tears and joyful hugs, it changes YOUR life as much as theirs. And you get to do it every time you lead a workshop!”

Keva Ward, Relationships First Leader