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Give A Positive Affirmation

Our goal is to create a more connected world.

One way that you can be a part of that movement is to lead by example and practice affirmations.  Affirmations are a way to create positivity in your relationships. The daily practice of affirmations creates connecting, full aliveness and wonder. Affirmations include Caring Behaviors, Surprises and High Energy Fun.

An Appreciation

Appreciations can be about anything someone in your life did that day. Let the people you care about know you appreciate them or something they did by telling them. Try saying something like, “One thing I appreciate about you is…” or “I really appreciate when you…”.

A Surprise

Surprises play a key role in relationships. They are the hot sauce that protects against the boredom and flatness of habituation. When planning a surprise you need to keep two things in mind:

  1. The surprise must be something that would surprise the other person and not you.
  2. The surprise must be random and unexpected. This is typically a good rule to follow when it comes to any kind of surprise.

A Caring Behavior

A caring behavior is a spontaneous or intentional interaction that touches your heart. Examples of caring behaviors are words of kindness, small gifts or encouragement.

Some High Energy Fun

Fun is defined as “Any interaction that results in a belly laugh”. The belly laugh sends chemicals in your brain creating a sense of safety, these intense experiences create the felt sense of connecting. Make someone in your life laugh today and let them feel the comfort of connection.