We are, first and foremost, relational beings. So any investment in building relationships—in our personal lives and in our communities—is a way of saying, “This is the world I want.”

If anything has been made clear by events over the past year, it’s this: The work of genuine, respectful relationship is the most important work in the world.

Relationships First will enable greater, easier access to relational strategies and tools to make everyone feel valued, safe and connected.


provides one Safe Conversations® workshop experience for five families


covers the cost of two childcare providers for the day of a workshop


provides 10 Zero Negativity® Kits to families in need


provides a set of workshop materials to a person in need

That’s why you supported Safe Conversations. And because of that generous support and encouragement, the groundwork has been laid for this bolder initiative. When considering your charitable gifts this year, we hope you choose Relationships First.