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Talking is the most dangerous thing people do.

Welcome to a new way to talk...and a new way to listen.


We empower people with the tools to talk without criticism, listen without judgement and connect beyond our differences. The connections we make in all our relationships significantly impact families, communities and the economic health of our cities.  



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Safe Conversations: The Tool Box for Couples

Discover the six-session relationship journey that people are calling “life-changing,” “transformative” and “powerful.”

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The Space Between

The secret to creating a relationship that is vibrant, strong, joyful and wondrous isn’t found within either of you. The answer lies in the Space Between each of you.

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Practice and Share DVD

Safety is non-negotiable for a thriving relationship. Yet talking can be the most dangerous thing people do. In Practice and Share, learn three simple practices that make your relationship safe.

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All proceeds support Relationships First, a non-profit organization.

Recent News

Safe Conversations Featured in Success Magazine

Check out a recent article about Safe Conversations “The Secret to a Happy Thriving Marriage: Communication” in the latest issue of Success Magazine. CLICK HERE to read the article, and be sure to pass it along to someone you love! People need to be exposed to how to...

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New Safe Conversations Workshop Leaders in Hawaii

Last week, Master Trainer, Margaret Johnson, traveled to Haiku, Hawaii to facilitate a SC Workshop Leader Training in partnership with practice coaches and former workshop participants Dee Chapon and Ken Moore. Special thanks to Dee and Ken, and also to Zoe...

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Cristo Rey Student Workshops

Relationships First is in its third year of facilitating the three-day Viva Freshman Orientation Program. One hundred and forty students are being introduced to Safe Conversations and how to apply soft skills in the classroom and workplace. The topics being covered...

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Workshop Leader Support Sessions are Now Virtual

This month we completed the fourth of our Workshop Leader Support Session trainings at the Dallas County Schools Technology and Training Center.  These sessions are now being delivered both in person and virtually via Livestream, and can be viewed post-workshop...

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Week of Honor Participation

In commemoration of the tragic events of July 7, 2016, the Relationships First staff attended the Weekend of Honor events, joining other community partners in showing support for our First Responder Community. We continue to grow our efforts to serve First Responders...

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New School Partnership

The Ignite Personalized Learning Middle School of Dallas ISD - scheduled to open in the fall of 2018 - is joining forces with Relationships First® to bring Safe Conversations® to their school. Through this new partnership, Dr. Michael Gayles, school founder, will be...

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Greensboro, NC Trainers Receive Certificates

hrough the Guilford County Healthy Relationships Initiative (HRI; www.guilfordHRI.org), a group of about 15 mental health professionals are nearing completion of the Safe Conversations Facilitator Training Program in Greensboro, North Carolina. The mission of HRI...

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Southern Methodist University Research

Over two years ago, Relationships First and SMU’s Center on Research and Evaluation (CORE) set out to evaluate the impact of the Safe Conversations workshop on relationships. Recently SMU conducted a one-year followup with the study participants. Participants reported...

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Veterans Committee Meeting

Relationships First Veterans Committee is off to a strong start with engaged members and a plan for success.  After our 4th meeting, all have committed to become Safe Conversations Leader Trainers and incorporating the methodology in the Veterans ecosystem....

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Communologue with Lumin Education

Teachers and administrators at Lumin Education discovered a new way to conduct staff meetings where everyone had the opportunity and expectation to share their ideas and opinions in a safe space. Trust, co-creation and collaboration is always elevated with structure...

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Visit with Former Dallas Police Chief David Brown

Relationships First® team members were honored to host Former Dallas Police Chief David Brown for a meeting and visit on May 25th. He has agreed to be an advocate for our work with First Responders. "The continuous buildup of stress from home to work and from work to...

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