the right to feel safe|valued|connected

the right to feel safe|valued|connected

the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

How we interact with each other—in our family, our school, the workplace, even our community—provides the key to our emotional, physical and economic well-being, and to the stability of the society in which we live.

Relationships First™ delivers a groundbreaking methodology that helps people succeed in relationship with each other. Our programs create profound and lasting change in people’s relationships and in their lives.

Relationships First 360 – February 11, 2017

A Chance to Connect

An extraordinary event and global broadcast for adults, kids and teens, “A Chance to Connect” is a relationship workshop that aims to make everyone feel more valued, safe and connected. The live streaming broadcast and interactive experience can be accessed worldwide, via Roku, Facebook Live and YouTube.

Held at historic Fair Park in Dallas, Texas, relationship experts Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt will share this revolutionary technology that increases relational intelligence in homes, schools, congregations and the workplace. In addition, Relationships First leaders will host workshops in their local communities concurrent with the live broadcast.

Imagine that on one day, at one time…thousands of people in multiple locations will have one conversation—a safe conversation.

our proven methodology:

safe conversations

Scientific research confirms that people in quality relationships have happier and healthier lives. But, we are not born with the relationship tools we need! Many of us will spend time, energy and money developing a range of skills throughout our lifetime, yet relationship skills are not among them. Society places little emphasis on their importance, and there is not enough access to resources and information available to improve them.

Recognizing the need, Drs. Hendrix and Hunt have utilized their decades of breakthrough work in relational science to create the only relationship movement that brings time-tested therapy techniques out of the clinic and into the real world. Relationships First and Safe Conversations were conceived to have a true impact on couples and our culture, and create better relationships, better lives and a better world.

coming in 2017

life. changing. experience.

Whether your journey is just starting or you’re ready to dive deep, make this your first stop.

Reading & Resources

New book out soon! Drs. Hendrix and Hunt share how we flourish and find joy through safe relational skills. We’ll teach you how to make a meaningful connection in every conversation.

Interactive Box Set

A powerful new way to enjoy the inspirational methodology of Drs. Hendrix and Hunt from the comfort of home. Includes dynamic videos on DVD, easy to follow books and lessons.

Online Digital Experience

Now available online! Enjoy the Relationships First experience at home or on the go anytime from your computer, mobile device or smart TV. Includes dynamic videos and interactive exercises.

Community Workshops

Where the journey of healing, connection and full aliveness begin. For family, kids and teens. Now available for veterans and first responders.

support the movement:

immediate impact

It’s been our privilege to witness the powerful effect of Safe Conversations on the lives of tens of thousands of couples, children, classrooms—even communities—over more than three decades. While the effects are lasting, the positive impact can be breathtakingly immediate. After a Relationships First workshop, countless families and communities have experienced the full potential of their relationships.

With results like this, a relationship revolution is within our reach! But to achieve it, we need your help. We believe that these important relational techniques should be accessible to everyone, and always be free to the public, so all can experience the quality of life they deserve. Every level of support is cherished.

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